Saturday, July 28, 2012

Progress Report: Saturday, 0816

In the last two hours, I've accomplished:
  • created progress bar for Proth tester (implementation of GJSieve in MuPuPriNT)
  • corrected minor problems with filename inconsistencies
  • trimmed some useless code
  • fixed comments to actually reflect the code they're next to
Including last night, the following has been accomplished:
  • IsItPrime? is no longer limited by unsigned longs and instead takes its input as a string converted to an mpz_t variable,  thus allowing input of very large values of n
  • Same thing for the Pythagorean tester - also, n can be extremely large here because there is no power function called
  • Removed some useless buttons and re-sized the windows so they don't look awkward
  • Deleted about 500 lines of code used for debugging the window procedure about two weeks ago
 To do today:
  • Remove the remaining "useless" controls - that is, buttons that do nothing, edit boxes that display nothing, menu items with no pointers, etc
  • As a direct result, the GJSieve standalone will be updated to version 1.5.6
  • Determine why initializing common controls in MuPuPriNT fails
Specifically, I want to / am trying to:
  • create SysLink controls in a separate window that pops up when a certain menu item is selected
  • create a progress bar control that at least sort of tells you how much work is done
  • and none of this can be done without figuring out why INITCOMMONCONTROLSEX won't work
Stay tuned.

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