Saturday, July 28, 2012

Progress Report: Saturday 1445

I have made significant progress today.

Remember this to-do list from earlier this morning? Well, I re-formatted it!

 To do today:

  • Remove the remaining "useless" controls - that is, buttons that do nothing, edit boxes that display nothing, menu items with no pointers, etc
  • As a direct result, the GJSieve standalone will be updated to version 1.5.6
  • Determine why initializing common controls in MuPuPriNT fails
Specifically, I want to / am trying to:
  • create SysLink controls in a separate window that pops up when a certain menu item is selected
  • create a progress bar control that at least sort of tells you how much work is done
  • and none of this can be done without figuring out why INITCOMMONCONTROLSEX won't work

GJSieve will be updated shortly. The only thing holding me back is the lack of progress bar...

Back to work. But I'll just leave this screenshot here...looks a bit different, huh? Prettier, even.

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