Sunday, October 28, 2012

Test IsItPrime 2.0.0 Qt!

I've gotten a nearly-complete version of IsItPrime 2.0.0 working, more or less. It's been a bit of a struggle, but verbose BFTD testing finally works as it should. Pretty much.

You can find this very alpha version here.

Bear in mind that saving is still a bit flawed and I don't quite know why. This is not pure Qt just yet. In fact, much of it is still using the Win32 API. That will change soon, obviously. The idea here is to make a fully cross-platform application, which is what Qt is meant for.

Tweeting works, SPAT testing works, BFTD works, and BFTDV should work pretty well. Unfortunately, the GUI gets a bit laggy during the test, and there is currently little indication in the UI of what's going on behind the scenes. That may change as well if at all possible.

Updating the GUI from another thread is done by emitting signals, which are connected to slots. The updating happens "when convenient" for the application, meaning when it's thread-safe. Perhaps that's why things might seem a bit slow. It could also just be the debugging code. I don't quite know.

Have fun testing it out!

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