Thursday, October 4, 2012

The next few days

Development of NCPrime applications may temporarily be put on hold as I have family business out-of-state for at least the next four days.

Don't worry, it's nothing bad! In fact, it's anything but, although it will definitely be keeping me busy.

Currently, I need to finish one small thing in MuPuPriNT 1.2.02 and polish it up to 1.2.10 before I can officially deem it a stable beta set for release.

GJSieve 2.1 is also still in the works - it includes this mystery function of MuPuPrint as well as a few performance tweaks.

From now on, ALL NCPrime applications will be 64-bit ONLY. I will work on a stable version of IsItPrime 1.8.0 for x86 before making that x64 only as well.

It is entirely possible I may begin packaging my apps in universal packages containing two executables, but that would likely be for Mac only.

That's all for now.

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