Saturday, December 8, 2012

IsItPrime 2.1.0 beta source + Windows exe

SourceForge had a bit of trouble processing these files, it they weren't available for download until today despite uploading them two days ago. The default download still points to 2.0.8. Nope. Try this 2.1.0 executable instead!

If you want the source, check the readme file (bottom of page) first, and then download this archive.

I have still not tested this on Mac or Linux, but it's exactly the same build process and procedure as MuPuPriNT and definitely takes less time.

I will release executables for Mac and Linux when I have the chance. I will test it on Mac in the very near future. I need to move all my computers across the state, so I currently don't have a Linux machine available (but will tomorrow).

Sorry those links took so long.

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