Thursday, December 6, 2012

Source Code and More Updates!

MuPuPriNT is on a roll - almost 50 downloads this week, mostly of source code! This is great. I had no idea people were that interested. Also, it's cool that they're downloading source. This leads me to believe that the majority of people who are into recreational mathematics and prime number testing run some form of Linux and therefore need to be able to build from source.

I have also written IsItPrime 2.1.0, which like MuPuPriNT is meant to be built from source. It looks a bit different from previous versions:

IsItPrime 2.1.0 GUI, adapted from MuPuPriNT's
This version also uses many more global variables and definitions, several of which are determined at runtime and one of which is determined at build time (currently on Windows only), asking if you wish to build a debugging display widget as well.

This widget will have more use in the future, as it is a full-featured debug display. Currently, though, it does very little except show the current working directory and, on Mac, mysterious error messages.

In the future, I will include a build option to ask what "style" you wish to build - currently, the default is Windows7Style for Windows, MacStyle for Mac, and CleanLooks for Linux (I believe - not sure on the latter). Theoretically, you should be able to use whichever you want. This can easily be determined with a simple build-time-generated file with a single definition in it. I will work on that!

Additionally, I am still working on a completely overhauled GJSieve that is actually a true sieve as discussed in this post. It's still in the planning process, but I hope to begin development very soon.

I currently have a lot going on in the real world outside of my programming ventures, so my time needs managed quite well. So far, so good - but we'll see what the future brings. But for NCPrime in general, it looks pretty bright!

Links to download IsItPrime executables and source will be up as soon as SourceForge has processed the files. It seems they're a bit slow on that at the moment.

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