Wednesday, December 5, 2012

MuPuPriNT for Mac 2.1.2a

Turns out that building on Mac is not nearly as much of a pain as I thought - but building for Qt5, now that's a pain.

You can find a pre-built app bundle (zipped up) here. I guess I could have put it in a disk image, but oh well, I didn't.

Next I will try for Qt5, but that's actually going to involve changing a fair bit of code. I can't have two versions of Qt installed at the same time, since the executables placed in /usr/bin/ need to be called plain "qmake" and "uic," not "qmake-4.8" and so on and so forth...we'll see!

This Mac version is fairly stable, but is still plagued by that bizarre "null pixmap" problem that never shows up anywhere else...

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