Saturday, December 1, 2012

MuPuPriNT 2.1.2 Extended beta

It didn't take long (but it was a fair bit of work)! MuPuPriNT 2.1.2 Extended is now available for testing. You can find it here.

From the README included:

This version of MuPuPriNT uses a unified testing structure for all eleven types of numbers it can calculate. This has resulted in substantial code clean-up and reduced memory usage, and also gave an opportunity to implement some much-needed stability fixes.

Additionally, functions such as Tweeting, saving results files, and saving numbers themselves have all been updated and work properly for every different type of number.

The application now uses global variables almost exclusively to determine information about test status and number properties, meaning the amount of locally-defined "stuff" has gone down dramatically, which is also good news for memory usage.

Finally, all dialogs and other interfaces have been updated, since previously they displayed either incorrect information or an incorrect version number (or both).

I have also implemented a slight change for reverse testing that is still experimental - in cases where the square root used as an upper limit is too big to fit an unsigned long integer, GMP/MPIR variables are used. This is, unfortunately, rather memory-intensive and therefore pretty slow.

Perhaps I will be able to find a way to speed things up in the future, but for now, huge numbers (with a square root over 4 billion, or over 10 digits in general) are a bit out of the scope of MuPuPriNT. If it has any factors at all, single-threaded BFTD or even SPAT are both likely to find them anyway.

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