Tuesday, November 6, 2012

GJSieve Qt version

I was really on a roll yesterday and have re-done GJSieve's interface to use Qt as well.

Thus far, all basic UI functionality is there, including saving, Tweeting, and clearing the screen. Additionally, BFTD and SPAT testing works just fine.

There's also a multi-stage Calculate / Test button. Click it once to calculate the Proth number (provided it's a legitimate Proth formula). It morphs into a Test button, so you can pick a test and go from there!

 Basic interface.
 Calculating a number
Results of a non-verbose BFTD test. This goes up to the square root, but stops after finding just one factor.

Yes, I know it's a bit hard to read the box with the quotient (a long number) and the Quick Stats box with the square root (an equally long number). I will work on that.

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