Monday, November 19, 2012

IsItPrime 2.0.8

IsItPrime 2.0.8 is out now. Find the archive here.

  • major stability fixes and memory usage reductions for single-threaded BFTD and SPAT. 
  • new form of Tweeting results - choose what you want to say or include! - formatting fixes as usual - more detailed testing info
  • much more stable in long tests 
Known issues:
  • GUI still locks up
  • Pause/Resume functionality doesn't exist
  • Hard/Impossible to stop a test in progress...working on it! 
Note: currently the application must be kept with the two included DLLs. This will change in the future, but for now the application is built to call DLLs and not linked with static libraries included in the build. I'm still working on that!

I am currently having no luck with the static libraries, or with Qt 5.0 beta in general. I'm sure I can try more in the future once some things get patched up and/or I get more familiar with the whole qmake thing and makefiles in general. That should make stuff a bit easier, especially for cross-platform builds!

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