Sunday, November 18, 2012

Latest NCPrime Applications

Changes made in GJSieve 2.2.1, IsItPrime 2.0.7, and MuPuPriNT 2.0.0 as of late are all about the same, so here goes:
  • use a slider to select a test type instead of ugly checkboxes
  • use a slider to select a number type in MuPuPriNT 
  • Saved results files are more detailed with regards to what was actually done
  • Quick Stats is also more detailed 
  • Time measurements are now correct (both CPU time and wall clock time)
  • BFTD (non-verbose) was renamed to BFTD (single), meaning single-threaded
  • SPAT and BFTD (single) have been changed and updated to use a more modern and safe thread management system, so memory usage by these tests should be dramatically lower (not in IsItPrime...yet!)
  • BFTD (single) is also much more stable now
Known issues:
  • The Pause, Resume, and STOP buttons (still) do nothing. I am unsure if they ever will. I am looking into reasons for the GUI locking up despite running things in a separate thread, though I think it might be due to the GUI object itself being the thread's / threads' parent.
  • In that vein, the application may say it is "not responding" whilst doing a very long test. This is, unfortunately, normal. I have not yet run a test long enough to verify if the application is working or actually hanging, as CPU usage remains normal (for a primality test, that is)
Future changes:
  • MuPuPriNT Tweeting will say what kind of number was tested 
  • All Tweeting will say (provided the test in question has finished) if the number was prime, or how many factors it had (you will have options!)
  • Saved results files will be even more detailed!
  • You will also have the option to include the full calculated number in the results file (or, more likely, in a separate file altogether) - this will probably take a while and might not work properly or at all for very very large numbers.

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