Saturday, November 10, 2012

IsItPrime Source

Taken from this page of the IsItPrime wiki.

If you are looking for really old code, click the "Code" link. That's from 1.6.0 for Windows.
The more modern code is in a SVN repo under "Source." This contains the modern (but deprecated) 1.9.5 for Windows, as well as a /branches repo for the original 2.0.0 and a /qt branch.

As of 10 November 2012, only the /qt branch is up-to-date! This is where the current version's source is contained. This was originally for the /branches repo, but that ended up getting clogged with old libraries and a lot of files that were either unnecessary or deprecated but not removed.

Also, I'm very new to the whole concept of SVN and source management in general, so bear with me. I currently use VisualSVN plugin for Visual Studio 2010 Professional (which in turn utilizes TortoiseSVN) and it's mostly automated in that I just need to click stuff. That works for me but I'm always open to suggestions on new approaches.

So, again - checkout the /qt branch if you must, not anything else (unless for some reason you want old, bad, broken, ugly, or just plain wrong code).

I don't like admitting I'm unfamiliar with things I try to do anyway, but well, it's true.

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