Friday, August 3, 2012

gjsieveOSX v0.1a

I spent most, if not all, of yesterday working on a version of gjsieve for Mac OS X. It was not easy, but then again it was luckily not too difficult.

You can find a wiki about it here and download it here.

Please don't be alarmed that it is a ZIP file. This is targeted towards Mac, where in order to decompress RARs, you need additional software. Some people think viruses and trojans are distributed via ZIP files, but that's just because they're easy to make.

If Sophos doesn't like my program, tell me. I'll give them a call.

Also, please remember this is a super-duper early alpha. Like, before dawn early. As in before my dad gets up. That early of an alpha. So please, read the wiki I linked to above if you want to know what's wrong with (or more accurately, not yet implemented in) this program.

As always, questions or comments welcome via e-mail or something.

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