Thursday, August 23, 2012

MuPuPriNT 1.1 Progress

I am currently in the process of re-writing MuPuPriNT (for Windows) as version 1.1, based on GJSieve 1.9.0.

Thus far, I have implemented the main chooser window, the Proth window (GJSieve) and the Cullen window (GJSieveC), as well as most of the Woodall window (GJSieveW), although I have yet to write the testing algorithms for the latter.

There are definitely over a hundred source files now. Hard to believe that when we started this project back in March, we had but main.cpp!

I also fixed an odd issue with saving results files that for some reason never reared its head before now. If you consistently get "error - could not create results directory," sorry! It would appear that sometimes, the string terminates before it is a complete path (ie if you have a long username or your Documents folder is uh elsewhere).

I also really need to test GJSieve on other computers - mainly those running Windows 7,  but also XP as I do have several of those lying around anyway.

Once I iron out the kinks in saving (which appears to have been successful) as well as a few other minor fixes, I'll say it's now GJSieve 1.9.1 - that's what MuPuPriNT is saying, anyway.

So here's what I'm working with right now:


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