Thursday, August 30, 2012

IsItPrime 1.7.0 Released

I am officially "done" with IsItPrime 1.7.0. At this point, anything else I want to implement will have to be a new version.

You can find the latest version here at any time. Currently, only Windows is supported.

From the readme:

Still to come:
  • Possibly, mutex threads with a central array of factors so it can tell you how many there really are 
  • Upon finding a "prime," re-test the selected range and display remainders so as to be absolutely sure none of them are zero 
  • Hopefully, the ability to pause an in-progress test will be implemented as soon as I figure out exactly how!
This will hopefully not be too difficult to write. It will, however, be a challenge considering I am still completely self-taught in C/C++ and the Windows API.

Additionally, expect a reasonably updated IsItPrime standalone for Mac in the near future - contingent, of course, on a reasonably updated MuPuPriNT for Mac...

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