Friday, August 17, 2012

MuPuPriNT Mac 0.4a

I've just started getting used to the new (to me) XCode 4 interface, and have certainly run into my fair share of obstacles already - but I have managed to tweak MuPuPriNT, the Multi-Purpose Prime Number Tester for Mac, so that it will run (very well) on the new OS X 10.8, or Mountain Lion.

Changes include:
  • Sharing - tell your friends what you're testing in MuPuPriNT right from the application!
  • Updated readme file
  • Some memory management tweaks and fixes
  • Addressed an issue in IsItPrime? where pasting in some numbers caused overflow
Read the updated wiki page here and download it here.
 Known issues:

  • Certain combinations of numbers in GJSieve (Proth) will lock up the program - this is true for both the standalone and MuPuPriNT on both Windows and Mac, and I do not have a clue as to why! For now, avoid the following combinations:
    • k = 3 and n = 33
    • k = 3 and n = 332
    • k = 3 and n = 333 
  • IsItPrime? still somewhat limits the length of the number you can test. Strings have a limited size, and I believe the cutoff is in the neighborhood of 30K digits. Numbers longer than a certain length cause overflow, and at the moment I do not see a way around it. Sorry for any inconvenience.
On that last point - it should be noted that if you are for some reason testing a gargantuan number with IsItPrime? then it is probably one which can be represented as a Proth, Cullen, Woodall, or even Pythagorean number. 

As always, have fun!

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