Friday, August 24, 2012

IsItPrime 1.5.6 Preview

As I continue working on MuPuPriNT v1.1, I have implemented a lot of changes and new features in IsItPrime. These include:
  • Multi-threading like GJSieve and its counterparts
  • More straightforward interface (that is, you can't press buttons when you aren't meant to, etc)
  • Option to display every factor for that number*
  • Two testing options*
  • Twitter posting**
  • Sound when a factor is found (and/or the test completes successfully)
  • Confirmation box before testing to let you know it could take awhile
I am working on MuPuPriNT at the moment, but once I have finalized a design for IsItPrime within the multi-tester application, I will also make a standalone version of IsItPrime, since I recognize it's probably better-suited to that anyway.

Most of these are ideas that came to me within less than an hour, so I had to divide my time wisely today in order to get them all implemented (at least partially) in a safe and reasonably efficient manner.

I am quite happy with the multi-threading now present in all my Windows applications. Maximum memory usage appears to be below 5MB globally - this is an insane improvement over previous versions, when memory usage would inevitably (and sometimes inexplicably) exceed 500MB...or even 1GB.

It should be noted, however, that all applications within MuPuPriNT, and indeed all NCPrime applications, are CPU-intensive. They will only utilize one core for serious processing, since the thread responsible for displaying the window is backgrounded and barely uses any resources anyway.

I should take a moment to acknowledge the wonderful help and support I received (and always have received) from the experienced professionals over at Dream.In.Code. Without their pointers and expertise (not to mention patience), I'd likely have made about a tenth of the progress I have thus far. I also wouldn't have nearly the same knowledge of C and C-based languages that I do, which would make things a lot harder for me in the long run if I'm going to eventually study computer science!

Here's a peek at the current IsItPrime interface:

* these features are also implemented or in the process of being implemented in GJSieve and its counterparts

** unlike my Mac OS X applications, this is not integrated with the operating system but rather opens the Twitter site with a pre-made tweet you can post instantly with no editing (unless you want to). Tweets from any application within MuPuPriNT for Windows look like this:

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