Thursday, September 6, 2012

GJSieve 2.0 and NCPrime progress report

I have finalized the threading procedure for GJSieve 2.0, which will later be implemented in every NCPrime application. First and foremost, I will polish GJS 2.0, and then begin work on what will eventually become MuPuPriNT 1.2b.

This next version of MuPuPriNT will ultimately forgo the "chooser" window in favor of a GJSieve-like interface where you will have the ability to select Proth, Cullen, Woodall, or Pythagorean tests using radio buttons. This will involve the removal of the CPU/RAM display window. It was originally there just for fun, anyway.

As I have mentioned before, this also allows for the creation of a fully 64-bit version of NCPrime applications, since inline assembly code using the _asm intrinsic is only available in 32-bit (for now). Perhaps VS2012 will change that, but I don't really know. I will find out, however.

Additionally, I have been thinking about doing translations of my applications. Partially, this would also be "just for fun" (as with most of what I do with programming to begin with), but would also serve the purpose of giving me a practical outlet for my linguistic studies.

I have also been working on updating IsItPrime for Mac, which will also allow for the eventual re-writing of other NCPrime applications for Mac. I am currently seeking support/help for and with XCode and other programming methods, since my main problems stem not from my applications themselves, but rather the IDEs I use to design them!

Strongly considering switching to Notepad++ and a command line...

Also, I can't figure out SVN or Git to save my life. It's a problem.

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