Sunday, September 2, 2012

MuPuPriNT's Future

With GJSieve 2.0 being well on its way to "completion," I've taken another look at MuPuPriNT for Windows 1.1 and decided to scrap it.

Currently, it contains GJSieveP, GJSieveC, GJSieveW, and GJSievePy version 1.9.0 and IsItPrime version 1.5.6. Within the next week or so, I should be able to write GJSieveC, W, and Py versions 2.0 based on the triple-threaded testing method seen in GJSieve (Proth) version 2.0.

IsItPrime is currently on version 1.7.0 (which can be found on SourceForge).

MuPuPriNT for Mac, meanwhile, is terribly outdated, although multi-threading appears unnecessary at the moment.

In the near future, I will create a separate project for MuPuPriNT on SourceForge as well as subprojects for the various flavors of GJSieve.

The next release of MuPuPriNT will likely still be 1.1, although I will probably append a sub-release number.

The versioning of my applications may seem random and/or like the steps are too large. For instance, IsItPrime went from 1.5.6 to 1.6.0 to 1.7.0 in a matter of two weeks or so. But this makes sense. Major coding changes, coupled with overhauls of the graphical interface and overall changes to the way it actually tests numbers necessitated an increase in sub-version numbers.

Generally speaking, I name things 0.* if they are considered an alpha or testing release, meaning I am not entirely sure they do what I want or everything I want them to do in exactly the way I wish for them to do it.

Versions 1.* are considered stable betas at this point. That means they do everything they're meant to in a stable and efficient manner, although there are definitely still changes and things yet to be implemented.

GJSieve (Proth), where it all began, is on version 2.0 after months of development. It has a rich history of evolution, and I'm proud of the progress I've made even after becoming essentially the sole developer.

More on this later. For now, expect MuPuPriNT to become the focus of NCPrime projects for at least the foreseeable future. After all, what's the point of intensively developing and updating various standalones whilst their implementations in MuPuPriNT lag a version or two behind?

Here's an idea that literally just came to me.

Instead of a main "Chooser" window from which you select an application to run using boring buttons, imagine a window that simply looks like GJSieve 2.0, only with the addition of radio buttons or something to that effect labelled "Proth," "Cullen," "Woodall," "Pythagorean," and "Any number." Obviously "Any number" would be IsItPrime.

The trick is the entry box for k, as that is only used in the Proth number tester.

I suppose I could just have it become disabled upon selecting a test that is not Proth, but that could look a bit ugly. If it was easier (using the Win32 API) to simply hide and show things like edit controls and buttons, I would do it.

I will definitely look into that. MuPuPriNT for Mac will likely be where I'll prototype this unified implementation, so also be on the lookout for that! 

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