Monday, September 24, 2012

NCPrime and the "new" OS X

With the release of OS X 10.8.2, Facebook is now an integration and sharing option in the Mac operating system, as it has been in iOS for some time now. This means that you need only click a little button in, for example, Preview in order to post a picture to Facebook directly from your desktop.

Twitter integration came with the original release of Mountain Lion, so I jumped on that with IsItPrime and, later, GJSieve. It's somewhat pointless, but fun just the same. It is also a useful thing to know how to do. With the advent and inevitable promulgation of social media, there is almost no situation in which one lacks the option to stay "plugged in."

I suppose that, in a strange way, this includes the niche of recreational mathematics, a field in which no progress is ever or can be made without communication and sharing of results and findings.

Facebook sharing from IsItPrime looks like this:

I don't believe it is possible to change where it says "via OS X" (to something like "via NullCoding" or "via IsItPrime") without either making IsItPrime a Facebook application or somehow integrating the Facebook API...

I also can't exactly figure out a way to include links/tags in the post. Links would be easy, but to what? I guess the project site, right? Seems like a decent enough idea. Twitter posts include a shortened link to the SourceForge site, after all.

I had another idea (actually, as I was writing this) to include a database-type file in the program that keeps track of numbers you have already tested. I'm imagining a drawer on the side of the window with records of previous tests where the tooltip text for each list entry (that is, each number) is something like "X is prime" or "Y has Z factors" or something cool like that.

In my work with Java lately, I have been trying to figure out the best way to dynamically append a JList (a simple list container) from a file where each item in the list is a line from the file. This is not exactly related to IsItPrime, but the concept of appending (rather than re-writing) the same file over and over is essentially the same.

I have also been working on localizing IsItPrime and GJSieve, specifically in German and traditional Chinese. The window and buttons and such are done, but the menu is not and neither are any of the internal (user-visible) strings. I know how to do it, but can't quite get it to work. Something about "genstrings..."

I'll work on it later. I believe this will officially be version 0.5b. I may possibly re-brand it as a version 1 point something if I find it stable and/or complete/feature-rich enough.

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