Sunday, September 9, 2012

IsItPrime for Mac 0.2 Released

After much fussing with the file-saving mechanism in IsItPrime for Mac, I have finally completed a relatively satisfying release candidate!

For those of you keeping score at home, I was using deprecated methods to create files and folders - by which I mean they went obsolete around 2008 - and thus was consistently trying to access memory registers that don't really exist. Oops! Well, at any rate, it's fixed now and there ought to be no problems.

Indeed, there are no serious issues with IsItPrime for Mac. It is in fact considerably faster than its Windows complement (and I am still unsure of exactly why) and uses much less memory and CPU time.

It is still CPU-intensive, though - just not for as long. IsItPrime for Mac is also not multi-threaded, meaning that if you enter a particularly large number that just so happens to be prime, the interface may lock up (though hopefully not for long).

You can find a (hopefully) attractively laid-out disk image here. Alternatively, check out the main project site if you haven't already.

Wiki and documentation updates are forthcoming.

Bear in mind that this version of IsItPrime for Mac, along with all other forthcoming NCPrime applications for Mac require at least OSX 10.8.0 (that is, Mountain Lion) on a 64-bit (native or emulative) CPU.

I have not tested this application on any previous version of OSX, as I do not exactly have access to a slew of testing machines. However, I can tell you that since I used the 10.8 SDK as the base architecture for this build, it may not even open on previous versions of OSX and, if it does, may exhibit unusual or undefined behavior.

That sure sounds intimidating! Don't let it stop you from checking out IsItPrime for Mac.

App Store, here we come...?

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